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Who we are

Our website address is: and our slogan is “The Answer You Seek…”. We are Centered on giving legitimate answers to frequently asked questions to ease troubled minds. Our answers are always from legit sources if we don’t know, then we don’t post. Thus, we don’t mislead our readers.


When readers comment on a post, we do not collect the data of the reader. The readers comment is only to validate if our post was impactful and also to know if the reader has any further questions. However, we always go through the comments to filter spam comments which might mislead our readers

In addition, an anonymous display picture is created for visitors who comment. Therefore, visitors who comment on our post remain anonymous.


We can’t control who visits our website, so avoid posting image format that will leak you location data like; EXIF GPS to the website, we will not be held a accountable if you do so.


For convenience and security sake, visitors don’t necessarily need to fill out emails and names before commenting.

Embedded content

Articles on this site currentfaqs include embedded content videos, and images. Videos which are created by us and images which have been edited by our editorial team.

We do not embed other website content since we are not sure if the information given is legit.

How long we retain your comment

When visitors comment on our site, the visitor’s comments and metadata remain in the comment session indefinitely. This is so other visitors can see and follow-up on how detailed and legitimate the article is.

Who do we share your data with?

we do not keep much data on our visitors. But when visitors subscribe for regular email content updates, we do not share the email with any third-party

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