About Us

Welcome to CurrentFAQs, kindly read through this well-detailed “about us” page that elaborates on our modus operandi. Just like every other competent blog/website this “about us” page explains details about our site(CurrentFAQs) and the services that we provide. Also, our vision, mission, what we offer, and what we don’t.


Our mission here at CurrentFAQs is to provide reliable information to the globe at large and most importantly to give answers to frequently asked questions that might have been left unanswered. We strive to give answers to unanswered frequently asked questions.

We also aim to help aspirants, existing students, enthusiasts, and other researchers get information about their searches. We disclose to you and give answers to frequently asked questions and unanswered questions.


To be the most reliable source of getting answers to frequently asked questions and unanswered questions. Hence, where you can get a straight-to-the-point answer.

What We Don’t Do?

In other not to tarnish our image, we don’t deliver contents or answers which has not been properly accessed. We ensure not to deliver false information

What We DO?

We make sure to provide relevant information to questions from searchers online. Our team of professional researchers is always ready to serve your needs. We deliver our content less grammatically to enable even a layman to understand.

Also, we are always straight to the point. We give direct answers and do not mislead our readers for you are our main priority.

Founder and CEO of Currentfaqs.com

The founder and CEO of currentfaqs.com is Okparanwankwo Henry Arinzechi and this site was founded on 1st June 2022.

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